Scabies ~ Prevention and Treatment

It’s that time of the year ~ the bugs are out and so are the parasites. Fleas, bed bugs, scabies are all running rampant, especially in the cities, and people need alternative non-toxic remedies and preventative solutions.

Many years ago when I was still in Portland, Oregon, I was desperate for a treatment that worked and one that was non-toxic, as well as some lasting prevention that was proven to work. I searched all over the interwebs and came upon a womans’ blog that contained exactly what I was searching for. Finding her blog was a goddess send! Her recommended treatments actually worked and the preventatives also work.

So just this morning I was responding to a post on FB about scabies treatment and thought, I should make a blog post about this, so here you go ~

Scabies Treatment:

For bad infestations (all over the body):

CAYENNE PASTE TREATMENT ~ WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES DURING – Take cayenne powder and mix with water until you get a good paste. Using a utensil of some kind or your fingers (if you don’t have any cuts), rub the paste on all affected spots. Let the paste sit and dry for at least 15-20 minutes or longer if you can stand it. I used this time to read a book in the bathroom while the treatment dried. It will burn a bit BUT the itching relief is immediate. Wash off the paste. The cayenne kills the scabies plus the eggs.

You will need to keep doing treatments a few times, depending on how bad it is, either twice a day or once. A friend just had a bad case of it and said it took her a few days of doing the treatment twice a day to get it down to almost no spots.

If you catch it early and have a few spots:

Scabies tends to start on the backs of the knuckles, especially between the fingers or toes, tops of the feet, stomach, thighs, back of knees, and inner elbows. If you can catch it early when it first starts (the itching sensation that starts is pretty unique), a good treatment is Cats Claw Tincture – from Natures Pharm, the orange bottles, work the best! Cats Claw is usually cheap, $6-8.

Using the dropper from the bottle, release some tincture on the infected spot and rub it all over the affected area. Use the dropper, not a finger. Let the layer dry. Keep adding more layers, letting each one dry before adding more, until the itching stops. Sometimes it takes 3-4 applications, sometimes more, sometimes less. Continue to spot treat until the area stops itching and heals.

Preventative Measures:

I recommend using Sandlewood oil and soap. Sandlewood oil is an amazing repeller of scabies especially. Also works to deter fleas and mosquitos. I personally use an organic Goat Milk soap that is Sandlewood infused. products kill and prevent scabies infestions in your home. I highly recommend the Cedarcide base product (I always have at least one bottle at home at all times) and I also recommend the Tick Shield, which is a stronger formula, and is amazing for fleas, mosquitos, ticks, bed bugs, scabies, etc and is safe for dogs, horses and livestock. The Tick Shield is NOT safe for felines but the Original Formula Cedarcide is safe for felines. 

Patchouli oil is said to prevent scabies infections. I have not been able to test this one. But I’ve been told it’s why ‘hippies’ use it! 

Other essential oils that work to prevent and treat include Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Lavender. 

Once you figure out which treatments work best for you, you can heal from your infestation and use the methods described above to help prevent future infestations. It seems to me like scabies are more prevalent during spring and summer months, but they definitely don’t discriminate and are active in all seasons. 

May this information arm you so that you may continue along your healing journey! ❤

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