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I’ve been taking care of peoples’ pets in their homes professionally for over 30 years. I love caring for peoples’ animals – it is incredibly rewarding and brings me so much JOY! I especially love helping to rehabilitate rescues and socialize spooky animals.

I am based in Southern Oregon, Applegate Valley area. I have stellar references from past clients from back home and from my current regulars. Most of my clients become close friends and we stay in touch so I can stay up to date on how my animal friends are doing. 

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Animal Care Testimonials:


Letter of Recommendation for Sequoyah Walkingfeather by Neila Rose Crocker

I’ve known Sequoyah for several years and I have witnessed first hand her natural abilities in caring for and training animals. Besides being a horse whisperer, I also consider her an animal whisperer! She not only talks with the animals, she listens to the needs of the animals and their caretaker/owners. My good friend Freedom, a 7 years old Gypsy horse, has also known Sequoyah for 39 moons, and together they have mastered many lessons on the ground and on horseback, including a horse camping trip to Florence in Summer of 2018. Sequoyah is a medicine Woman. Her wisdom combined with her love and empathy for all others, two legged and four legged, etc, makes her a good friend and healer. When my horse was sick in Fall 2018, he ate too many apple seeds and had cyanide poisoning. Sequoyah quickly researched the problem, found the antidote, which is glucose, we gave him some honey and he was good to go! I trust Sequoyah with my family, animals, garden and community. Plus she’s good in the kitchen & the greenhouse too!

A list of the care Sequoyah has given to the animals on my farm:

Horses: riding, training, feeding, H20, grooming, hooves, farrier assistance, trailering, natural horsemanship training techniques + fixing fence holes and dealing with horses when they escape

Goats: Kids (bottle feeding), young goats (training, feeding), Mamas (milking/stripping, feeding, water, hooves), Bucks/Billys (training, handling, feed, water) + fence and gate repair

Chickens: feed, water, clean barn, dealing with brooding hens, collect eggs

Geese: feed, water

Dog: feed, water, training, grooming, nails, first aid care, tick removal, loving care

Cats: Cats love Sequoyah and Sequoyah LOVES cats! Feeding, water, grooming, nails, tick removal, flea removal, pets and snuggles

 We just returned from a long trip and our biggest worry — even bigger than what to do to occupy our toddler on long flights! — Was the care of our beloved and sweet but ill kitty cat. He needs twice daily injections of insulin 12 hours apart — quite inconvenient really, at about 7AM and 7 PM. (He has a rare pituitary disorder  (acromegaly) that is slowly killing him. One side effect is insulin resistant diabetes.) We have never put our cat in a kennel and a friend has always taken care of him when we are gone; this time we needed to hire someone and were quite concerned. We needn’t have been because we found the “Purrfect Petsitter”! She took excellent care of him and even sent us bulletins about him via email. She also left us a kind note for us when we got back and we are delighted to recommend her to anyone who needs pet sitting. When we arrived home he was happy as could be. We would be happy to serve as a reference for her and she has others as well. If you tell her we referred you, we will get a discount if we travel again — I leave it to you, as I would have written to recommend her regardless. ~ Caryn Coleman    

Sequoyah is very responsible and obviously loves animals, and they love her. When she came over for an initial visit, my cat Mimo came right up to her. Sequoyah stayed the first time for a month, the second time for 2 weeks. A couple of times she emailed me and sent photos. After that I just knew every thing was ok. I came home to a clean house and happy cats. I highly recommend Sequoyah ~ Jan Davis

Sequoyah is the first person I have ever hired to care for my cats and it has been a wonderful experience! I have been fortunate to have neighbors or friends close by before to help but now that my kitties are getting older, require medication, and in need of just a bit more time with a loving human it is such a relief to have met Sequoyah. I greatly appreciate her communication while she is caring for our cats and feel like I know just how things are going. Hiring Sequoyah has also been great for me because I feel less guilty leaving my kitties when I know she will be there taking such good care of them! ~ Janice Meyer

187_8787“Sequoyah was one of my dog Gracie’s first care givers and from the beginning I could see Sequoyah’s deep care for her charges. Gracie was a rescue who Sequoyah met on her terms. She worked with my beautiful, shy, fearful, sweet girl with patience and loving attention. Sequoyah is flexible and responsive; one time she literally saved the day (the weekend really) when she agreed to stay with Gracie and my boyfriend’s two dogs after their boarding arrangements fell through at the last minute. Gracie and I are both grateful that Sequoyah stepped into our lives. ~ Heather Bloch” 

“Sparkle was immediately drawn to Sequoyah the day she met her, and has been a big fan ever since. Sparkle is always wagging her tail when she hears Sequoyah at the door, and can’t wait to go out walking with her. I’m a big fan also — Sequoyah is so reliable, consistently on time, and always arrives with a peaceful demeanor that soothes all creatures, both animal and human. Sequoyah will walk Sparkle regardless of bad weather, which is appreciated in our wet and sometimes snowy climate. Simply put, Sequoyah is the best and I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional, reliable dog walking.” ~ Heather Crunchie

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Services I provide:

  • Care available for ALL animal species!!  Cats, dogs, horses, farm animals including sheep, goats, pigs, chickens; small family pets like rats, hedgehogs, reptiles, exotics, fish, ferrets, insects, etc. 213

  • Medication administration (IV sub-Q fluids, pills, insulin injections, transdermal, and basic first aid needs)

  • Elderly animal care visits with extra TLC

  • Work with leash aggressive dogs

  • Newborn and puppy/kitten care while you are away or at work

  • Dog handling/walking – up to 2 dogs at a time, unless you have 3 dogs who can all walk together. Usually takes 30 min-1 hour. I can also do 2-3 hour walks and half day outings as long as my schedule permits.

  • Small animal/exotic care (rabbits, rats, birds, exotics, pocket pets, reptiles, ferrets, etc)

  • Horse handling and exercise, includes grooming/hoof care. I use Natural Horsemanship techniques and positive reinforcement.

  • Goats – milking, bottle feeding kids, handling, training, feeding, water, etc

  • Chicken feeding/medicating, hen house care including letting chickens in/out of their house + daily egg collecting

  • Feline nail trims in your home – quick, easy, painless for the kitty. You hold your feline while I trim all four paws. Easier than taking your cat to the vet or groomer, and a lot less stressful for the cat. Highly recommended by my regulars!!

  • Overnight and vacation care for any amount of time. Overnight visits include pm feeding/meds, playtime and staying overnight. Your home becomes my home base when I am staying with your pet(s). I only leave if I have other scheduled appointments or need to attend to my own needs at home.   20160517_120041

  •  I only use positive reinforcement techniques and rewards. I follow the training model of Victoria Stillwell, who advocates using body language, voice tone, re-direction and food/clicker rewards.

  • I can also provide a basic cleaning of your home before you return for an additional fee. I always clean up my own messes, I wash/dry the dishes that I use, I wash sheets/towels/etc that I used during my stay and will remake my bed if I have time before I depart. Current clients love that their home is usually slightly cleaner compared to when they left and their pets are happy and relaxed when they return.

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