Thank you for your interest in Earth + Plant Medicine and for your desire to HEAL!

I am now known as Sequoyah Walkingfeather to reflect my native american heritage and to honor my ancestors and the protection they have given me since I was born.

I received a Life Activation session from Hannaneel Perez at Celestial Awakenings on 9/12/2016, and a goat stepped in during the angel gathering at the beginning of the session. There I learned that it is my duty to humanity to practice Goat Totem Shaman Medicine and to be a beacon of Light, a Wayshower, for those who are awakening at this time.

Goats are amazing creatures that have the ability to climb tall jagged mountain tops that seem otherwise impossible for other species to conquer. They climb these peaks and in doing so, show people the tools they can use for healing that come from Mother Nature and Planet Gaia.

Since I was born into this life, I have been an animal magnet and was called an Animal Whisperer by close friends and family at the young age of 2. I have always felt incredibly at home when out in wild nature areas. 

I have been on my own personal healing journey since 2006, when my life was catapulted into a different direction after years of walking away from a handful of traumatic accidents and incidences that most people die from. I have since bounced back to health miraculously, after having several medical ‘professionals’ try to convince me that my conditions were not curable and that I would be disabled for my entire life. In 2009 I reversed full-blown Fibromyalgia when I made a drastic change to my diet & stopped all processed, non-organic, Glutamate-containing ‘foods’ and GMOs. In 2009 I also stopped taking & weaned myself off of all of my prescription drugs & made the choice to only use plant medicines, including cannabis, as the way to heal myself. Nature has an anti-dote for every dis-ease.

It is my calling to bring forth an infinite array of healing tools to every single person who is open to healing themselves. It brings me great joy and it’s so rewarding to help others with plant and earth medicine! I love to share my knowledge on how to heal from chronic pain & inflammation, and detox the toxins that are at the root cause behind most chronic ‘mystery’ illnesses in existence today. 

Services + Products:

**All sessions are sliding scale. Please pay whatever you feel my time and services are worth to you.

Plant and Earth Based Medicine

Spooky Rife Sessions

Intuitive Lifestyle Coaching

Earthing and Grounding

Crystal Grids to Enhance and Fortify Positive Energies

Reiki sessions – in person or long distance/remotely

EMF Shielding + Mitigation – I can travel to your home to help you discover where in your home or office are the EMF issues. I use a high quality EMF radiation detector to help you with EMF mitigation.

Colloidals available are priced individually. I can ship your colloidals to you!


Larger sizes of Colloidals available by request!

SILVER: 16oz $16 8oz $8 2oz spray $3

COPPER: 16oz $14 8oz $7 2oz spray $3

I am based in Southern Oregon, Applegate Valley area.

Travel fees apply for clients out of the area.

$50-150 sliding scale

Contact me for more info and to setup services:

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